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Mark Llobrera

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Cover art forTÁR


Sep 10, 2023

This review may contain spoilers.

Reminded me of Top Gun: Maverick in that there’s a pivotal moment (the plane disintegrating, Tár face-planting) after which you can plausibly interpret events as happening in a fever dream. (Speaking of fever dreams, the other movie it reminded me of was Uncut Gems. Both share a central character who is quite wrapped up in self-delusion.)

You can also read the film as a ghost story, with Krista haunting Tár from the opening scene.

Cast is great, loved seeing Nina Hoss in this one. None of the characters are really sympathetic, though, save for Petra.

The end confused me a bit—the folks greeting Tár are speaking Tagalog to each other but the city they’re in doesn’t appear to be in the Philippines. Are they expat workers, just like her?