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Mark Llobrera

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Cover art forOcean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven

May 05, 2024

Picked up the new 4K release of the Ocean’s trilogy. It looks great—definitely a big step up from my DVD copy.

Like Out of Sight, I have seen this movie a fair number of times but I’ve listened to the soundtrack countless times, so there’s certain lines of dialogue that are burned into my brain. But I still forgot how the actual heist worked, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it play out.

A nascent thought after watching this movie: how much does Soderbergh use the camera to let the viewer in on the trick, versus using it for misdirection (a la De Palma)? The impression I got was that this movie mostly wants you to feel like part of the team—whereas De Palma films often ratchet up the paranoia and suspicion and actively delight in feeding the viewer false information.