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Mark Llobrera

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Full Time

Jan 04, 2024

I’m still out of breath and my palms are still sweaty after watching Laure Calamy’s Julie run, hitchhike, bargain, and cajole her way through a stressful week marked by structural collapse: Paris’ transit system is on strike, her childcare provider is threatening to quit, she has neither time nor money to put together a birthday party for her son, her ex-husband is late on alimony and unreachable, and she’s trying to get a new job—which of course puts her current job in jeopardy. It’s not not Uncut Gems for single moms, as some have described it. If nothing else it does a stylish job of underscoring how fragile her life is—the score in particular is very effective—and I really wondered if it was going to pull an Emily the Criminal-swerve at the midpoint. It teeters on the edge of utter bleakness towards the end, and how it resolves may feel like relief or a pulled punch, depending on the viewer.