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Mark Llobrera

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Cover art forFair Play

Fair Play

Oct 15, 2023

I feel like the marketing for this has been really weird (do people know what an erotic thriller is? Because…it’s not this). It’s just a very queasy relationship drama, where you see the train wreck coming and can’t stop it. Anyway—watching this I kept thinking, this feels a cut above the usual Netflix dreck—which makes sense, given that this was acquired at Sundance.

Dynevor/Ehrenreich are both good here. I feel like the script lets them down a bit in the final third—it felt a bit like…oh, this is set up so that we can get this confrontation, even if it doesn’t make sense for their individual characters. The last third is bleak, though. I kept thinking, this is HBO’s Industry but without the fun, jittery cocaine vibes to balance out the darkness.