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Mark Llobrera

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Erin Brockovich

Mar 10, 2024

This came out the same year as Traffic, Soderbergh truly one of the hardest-working people in movies. I haven’t watched Traffic in years, and I suspect I would find Brockovich the better (and more entertaining) film now that it’s been almost twenty-five years and we’re more removed from Traffic’s “serious movie” vibes and Oscar hype. A prime example of what Brandon Taylor lovingly calls “paperwork movies.”

Julia Roberts is so good in this, taking a good script, injecting it with her rocket-fuel charisma, and letting us watch it hit the stratosphere. Love every scene with Albert Finney, but she’s also great in the quieter scenes with the Hinkley residents. The final scene with Marg Helgenberger (when will they let China Beach out of tv purgatory?) made me cry.

I was also sad throughout this movie because even though this is a fist-pumping celebration of justice, you look around today and the push for government deregulation is stronger than ever. There’s a Hinkley everywhere you look.

Also American Beauty won Best Picture that year lol.