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Mark Llobrera

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Cover art forBabylon


Oct 07, 2023

Watched this over the course of three nights. It helps that I had just seen Singin’ in the Rain, so a lot of the references and themes felt familiar. There is a *lot* going on here—is it weird to say that I wish it were longer, if only to give more time for Sidney’s storyline to properly simmer, or Manny’s rise to truly register? (There’s probably a bunch of cutting-room material about Ruth as well.) I feel like I got too much of Brad Pitt’s Jack Conrad instead. Tobey Maguire helps a lot in the last act, transforming things into a really dark fairy tale—“It’s one more floor down!”. (I also had flashbacks to his scene in Wonder Boys where he’s singing “Good Mornin’”, which of course was also used in Singin’ in the Rain.)