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Mark Llobrera

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Cover art forAnatomy of a Fall

Anatomy of a Fall

Apr 08, 2024

Messi le super chien. The hype is real!

I’ve only seen one other film by Triet, Victoria, which also involves a court case and dives into the misogyny of the legal system—albeit to more comedic effect. I think Fall worked best for me in the early going. Once we get to the courtroom scenes I’m less sure of the choices on screen—the cartoonish prosecutor, the way the camera changes the way it sees (there were a number of abrupt focus jumps that pulled me out of the film, I’m not sure what that stylistic decision was supposed to evoke). Felt at times that there was maybe one too many juicy ideas in the script, and they needed tighter focus on fewer things. Still. Hüller and Machado-Graner are excellent throughout, Swann Arlaud has majestic hair.