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Mark Llobrera

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Vassar Reunion 2024

The family and I drove up to Vassar College two weeks ago for reunion weekend. We took our kids because we did the math and our eldest would be college-aged next time around, so it felt like the right moment to give them a look at a college campus. And let me say: the weather was perfect, and the campus looked glorious.

Light streams through the branches a giant London plane tree
Vassar’s famous library tree

The light inside the library was pretty nice, too:

A chandelier hangs suspended from an ornate wooden ceiling within a library, as light streams through windows onto stone walls.
The library entryway.

We enjoyed taking our kids to many of our old dorm rooms, which were mostly unchanged even as renovations have taken place around them.

A young woman is framed in the shadow of a hallway window at Vassar College’s Main building.
Walking to my old dorm room.

The usual schedule held: fireworks on Friday night, the class parade on Saturday morning. There was a sizable group of pro-Palestine protesters urging Vassar alumni to put pressure on the college to call for a ceasefire, and disclose/divest from companies linked to Israel.

A long exposure of fireworks, with a red smoke trail leading back to where they were launched. In the foreground tree branches are lit up.
Two men wearing kilts play bagpipes in front of students holding up a banner reading “Class of 1974”.
The class of 1974 celebrates their 50th year since graduation.

We took some time to check out the Loeb art museum on campus, including the sculpture garden. I particularly loved the afternoon light casting a rainbow flare on my phone’s camera.

A bronze sculpture of a nude woman with cloth draped about her head and shoulders, mounted on a brick wall. Light streaming over the wall is creating a lens flare shaped like an eye.
Gaston Lachaise’s Nude with Drapery

More photos on Flickr.