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Mark Llobrera

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I really liked the way sidenotes were implemented on Molly White’s recent post “AI isn’t useless. But is it worth it?” so I decided to take a crack at porting that code to my site.1

Looking under the hood of Molly’s site I found a sidenotes.js file, which I adapted (mostly just changing the CSS classes used for selectors, since my markup is a bit different). The JavaScript does a few things:

At smaller widths the sidenotes are hidden and the default footnote behavior is restored.

You can view the modified code from my site here. You may also want to read this older post about Markdown and footnotes.

Here’s what it looks like on a recent post:

"A screenshot of a blog post which features sidenotes. The sidenote is highlighted with a pale pink color."

  1. I believe Molly’s site uses Ghost. ↩︎