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Science Friday

Update 2015-11-02: Corrected references to their previous CMS—it was a custom CMS, not a MovableType-based one. The MT one was a previous project, Lapham’s Quarterly.

Yesterday Bluecadet flipped the switch and helped Science Friday launch their new, responsive website. In addition to the visual redesign, it also involved moving them from their custom CMS to a new one built using WordPress. Bluecadet’s team was led by Jeff Wiesner and Maya Bogdanow on project management, Wyatt Glennon taking the lead on design, Putra Bonaccorsi and Henry Steinberg on dev, and Kim Quinn and Josh Goldblum providing art/creative direction. Maya also did content strategy and CMS training. I helped with some dev/content strategy, prototyping, and content migration.

The team at Science Friday, led by Christian Skottke, was a joy to work with. I found them incredibly cooperative and great at weighing technical questions against user goals. Getting to meet some of the staff: Julie Leibach, Christopher Intagliata, Brandon Echter, Chau Tu, Ariel Zych (among others) helped me picture the content authors and remember their goals throughout the process.

Here’s a few dev notes, before I forget too many things:

Every launch I still get the feeling of loss that I’ve described in the past, but less so this time around. I’ve been working on a bunch of other projects while Putra and Henry built out most of the front-end, so during pre-launch testing I was coming back to the site after several weeks. I think the team did a tremendous job, and I hope that Science Friday’s users feel the same delight that I did while I explored the site.