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Mark Llobrera

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Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Our friend Stef had told us about this place, tucked away on South Street. We went a week ago, celebrating Jordan’s birthday by spending the day in the city. It was cold, but that might have helped discourage crowds—we had a lot of fun just wending our way through the various tunnels and stairways.

Two painted fish embedded in tile.
Fish porthole
Girl in a cat hat and puffer jacket stands next to a sign made out of tile.
Stained glass
Stained glass
Drawing of a man set in 6 blue tiles stacked atop each other in a wall
Blue plate

There were two small, indoor galleries with some sculpture installations.

Sculpture mimicking a doorway with a doorknocker set in the wall.
Knock knock
Sculpture of a measuring tape and various bolts and screws.
Sculpted leaf suspended from the roof, casting two shadows on the wall behind it.
Triple leaf

We went through one more time before we had to go.

Translucent sculpture of a human figure lit up from behind by the sun.
Lit up
Girl in a knit hat peers through the viewfinder of an instant camera.
Instax documentarian
Rainbow reflection cast on a wall.
Reflected rainbow
Tile with "best tile" written in script.
I found the one!
Woman and two girls stand on a stairway, framed by sculpture.
Stairway portrait

See the full set on Flickr.