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Mark Llobrera

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Mawn Noodle House

A round sign for Mawn Noodle House in Philadelphia. The sign hangs from a post and is reflected in the tall window at the front of the restaurant

My daughter started a printmaking class at Fleisher’s Saturday Young Artists Program, so we’re in downtown Philly a couple of times a month. Last time we dropped her off and we stumbled on Mawn Noodle House, a new Cambodian restaurant in South Philadelphia. We popped in for a quick lunch1 before taking a walk through the Italian Market.

Diners share a meal. In the wall behind them is an arrangement of several framed prints of illustrated chickens, and an elaborate printed cloth stretched across the top of several of the frames.
A bowl of beef noodle soup with an egg yolk delicately perched above beef and greens.
Beef noodle soup. This felt like a very close sibling to Vietnamese pho
A tofu bowl topped with artfully shredded carrots and peanuts.
Night market noodles
A tofu noodle bowl topped with sauteed mint leaves and crispy ramen noodles.
Spicy peanut noodles. This was described as mildly spicy but proved to be much more so.
A silver boombox with a single cassette deck and a rotary radio tuner.
A woman and a young girl sitting side by side in a restaurant, smiling. The woman wears glasses and wears a green cardigan. The girl has a headband and a pink shirt with a grey cardigan over it. Behind them in the near distance is a bright red curtain leading to the entrance of the restaurant.

  1. We only later found out that while Mawn doesn’t take reservations for lunch, dinner reservations are a hot ticket since they opened. ↩︎