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Mark Llobrera

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Donut Destiny

On the way to school…

Em: Dad, what will you do at work, today? Will you have some meetings?

Me: Yes, definitely.

Em: What about working on your computer?

Me: If I’m lucky, maybe?

Em: Will you get to have donuts?

Me: Probably not.

Em: That’s too bad. *beat* I think donuts should be an everyday thing. Did you know there’s a donut workout? You put a donut on the floor, and every time you do a push-up you eat a donut. You can also do it with pull-ups.

Me: …

Em: Although I guess that would defeat the purpose of the workout.

At this point I remember that she’s read the Federal Donuts book, and all of this starts to make sense.

Well, I get to work, and what do I see?

Assortment of six donuts from Federal Donuts in Philadelphia
From Federal Donuts

Later, I told Em and her eyes lit up. “I made them manifest!”, she said.